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Thank you for thinking of Ideal Tent & Event Rentals while planning your fundraisers, auctions, and events! 

We are a long-standing, proud member of the Sioux Falls community and surrounding area, and we are honored to donate to and play a role in events that support that populace. Because we are asked to contribute often, we are unfortunately not always able to accommodate every request for donation. To aid our decision-making process, we ask that anyone seeking donations for an event or fundraiser first complete this form, no less than 6 weeks in advance of the event. We will review and reply in a timely manner. 

Please note that we are unable to participate in events where our product will be re-sold, that is sponsored by a competitor, or that are for an individual’s efforts to raise funds for non-profit event participation. (i.e. a Walk/Run fundraiser - we would donate to the race itself, not individual participants). 

We look forward to learning more about your event!

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