Frequently Asked Questions


  • A: Customers are absolutely welcome to utilize the Design Room at their leisure during any of our normal business hours. If interested in a more one-on-one service experience however, we do recommend making an appointment with one of our Event Specialists, who can provide suggestions, inspiration, and answer questions throughout the process, as well as reserve the space for your specific time and date.

  • A: A quote request can be made in one of several ways:

      1. Via our online “Wishlist.” See our Wishlist “How To"
      2. By e-mailing your Event Specialist OR (if you haven’t been working with an Event Specialist), by sending an e-mail to with your requested rentals
      3. By calling the store at (605) 213-0181 and requesting a quote from one of our rental support staff

    Once we have processed your rental request, we will e-mail you a quote, which is valid for 14 days. If you would like to move forward with the items in the quote, we require a 25% non-refundable retainer, in addition to an “approved” and electronically signed rental agreement to confirm your order.

  • A: Yes, we require a 25% non-refundable retainer to officially confirm your rental order. Throughout the planning process, if the total of your order fluctuates or more items are added, the 25% balance must be maintained. In certain unique circumstances a retainer amount of more/less than 25% may be requested prior to the contract being approved and signed.

  • A: Our standard rental period is Thursday (pick up anytime after 9 am) through the following Monday (return anytime before 4 pm). Exceptions outside of this standard rental period can be requested by contacting your Ideal Event Specialist

  • A: Yes! We understand that event planning is a fluid process, and numbers and item needs are subject to change. To request changes to your quote or signed contract, simply e-mail your Event Specialist, or send an e-mail requesting changes to Adjustments are permitted with no penalty up to 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event date. Any additions or adjustments made after this window may be subject to a 25% surcharge to cover labor and materials, and any extra delivery trip(s) required due to said additions are subject to our standard fees for labor and mileage.

  • A: Due to a continuously fluctuating inventory and periods of very high demand, we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific item in our inventory. We operate on a first come, first served basis, and as such we recommend you secure your desired items as early as possible. Pricing listed in an official quote is valid for 14 days. We reserve the right to rescind an inventory item or entire quote if the item(s) are booked prior to a customer approving their quote and electronically signing the contract, and/or if the requested 25% non-refundable retainer has not been made by the customer.

  • A: We provide 3 hour disposable tea light candles with the rental of our votive candle holders at no cost. All other candles must be provided by the customer. Customers may be subject to a cleaning fee for any significant residual wax left in or on our candle holders.


  • A: Our team at Ideal can accommodate most any desired level of set up. We are willing to be as full service or “hands off” as each individual customer or event dictates. Working behind the scenes, our team can seamlessly coordinate with other vendors on set up times, power or electrical needs, spatial planning, and other requirements prior to the event. When it comes time to set your event, we can happily turn over the CAD to your “set up squad” of family and friends and let them take the reins, just as we’re equally willing to assist or lead your group of volunteers. Alternatively, if you prefer to have an unmitigated day of relaxation for yourself and your guests, Ideal can provide complete setup and tear down, from start to finish. To inquire about specific set up/strike requests reach out to your Event Specialist or e-mail your request to

  • A: Our delivery team will deliver at the pre-arranged date and time listed on your contract. While we typically have a busy and nuanced delivery schedule each week, we always do our best to work with you/your venue/other pertinent vendors to ensure your order is delivered at a time that is mutually convenient for all parties. Likewise, your order will be picked up following the event at the pre-arranged date and time listed on your contract, with the same considerations for the customer/venue/other vendors.

  • A: Delivery and pick up within the Sioux Falls metro area is a flat rate of $150 ($75 each for delivery and pick up). Delivery and pick up services beyond Sioux Falls city limits are custom-quoted on a per-mile basis. We are subject to all DOT laws involving truck weight restrictions and our delivery fees may reflect the need for additional vehicles to meet such restrictions, depending on the size and contents of your rental order. Delivery fees may be subject to change in relation to any changes made within a rental contract. If an order requires delivery or pick up that must occur after 6 pm, an additional Late Night Fee of $275 will be charged to accommodate the after-hours labor of our staff. If an order requires delivery or pick up that must occur on the weekend, an additional Weekend Fee of $300 will be charged to accommodate the weekend labor of our staff.


  • A: Our standard payment terms are: a 25% non-refundable retainer is required to initially secure the order. This 25% balance must be maintained throughout the planning process. The remaining balance is due in full 2 weeks prior to delivery/in-store pick up/install. 

    Net 30 terms are available for pre-approved event industry colleagues. Credit limits apply.

  • A: We accept all major credit cards, ACH, checks, and cash payment. Credit card payments are subject to a 3% service fee, and ACH payments are subject to a 1% processing fee. When making a check payment, please include the Contract # in the memo line for internal processing purposes. Regardless of form of payment, Ideal requires a credit card on file in our system, in the event of damages or incidental charges.

  • A: Orders CAN be cancelled, but must be done so in writing. The customer will be issued a refund for the entirety of their payment to Ideal LESS the 25% non-refundable retainer, and absent the following circumstances:

    If the equipment has been loaded - customer is responsible for 75% of the contract total
    If the equipment has been delivered - customer is responsible for 80% of the contract total
    If the equipment has been set up - customer is responsible for 100% of the contract total


  • A: Please do NOT wash your rental linens or napkins after use. Many of these fabrics require precise care and/or specialized products to properly clean and sanitize them without damage, discoloration, or fading. If linens are washed prior to returning, a customer may be subject to damage fees. To properly return your linens/napkins:

    • After use, place all used linens in the provided Ideal-logoed linen bags. Do NOT place used/soiled linens in garbage bags, which may create conditions for the linens to grow mold or mildew.
    • If a linen(s) is excessively wet, allow the linen(s) to dry as much as possible before placing said linen(s) in the provided linen bags.
    • If a linen(s) has been stained by candle wax or fire/ashes, please notify our staff as soon as possible. Wax spills and burn marks may be subject to additional damage or cleaning fees, but the sooner we are able to assess and treat the stain, the more likely we are to remove it and avoid fees.
  • A: Please do NOT wash your rented china/glassware/flatware/chargers. Many of these items require precise care and/or specialized products to properly clean and sanitize them without damage. If items are washed prior to returning, a customer may be subject to damage fees. To properly return your items:

    • All china should be scrapped of remaining food bits and placed back in their appropriate respective rack
    • All glassware should be emptied of contents and placed face-down in their respective rack
    • All flatware should be placed in their provided bin for pick up
    • All racks/bins should be stacked and ready for pick up in the same place they were delivered, or in a mutually agreed upon location


  • A: Accidents happen! With this in mind, if an item or items from your rental order are damaged or lost while in your possession, we ask that you inform us of the missing or damaged item(s) when you return your order. Our warehouse team will apprise the damage and determine if the items can be repaired, or if they will need to be replaced. Applicable fees will be assessed and discussed with the customer.

  • A: It’s possible that items from your rental order may go missing without your knowledge. (In particular, small items like napkins, flatware, or votives are notorious offenders!) Our warehouse team will count all rental order items and inspect them for damage upon their return, and will notify customers of any missing or damaged items within 1 week of their return. We allow customers a 1 week window to search for and locate the missing items, after which time an applicable fee will be assessed and discussed with the customer.

  • A: Replacement fees are calculated to cover the full cost (including any taxes and shipping fees) incurred to Ideal to replace the exact (or nearest equivalent) items that are lost by a customer.

    Damage fees are calculated by assessing the time, products (including replacement parts, cleaning products, and/or other necessary items), and any other factors required to restore the damaged item(s) to new/like-new condition, and/or the verifiable condition the product was in, immediately prior to rental.