Dance Floor Estimator

Unsure of the dance floor size you need to accommodate all your guests? 

We're here for you with our Dance Floor Estimator! Plug your guest count into the calculator below, and we'll provide an estimate for the dance floor dimensions we recommend, along with an exact number of dance floor pieces you'll need to let your guests jump and jive all night long!

Guest Count
Type of Floor

12'x12' (16 pieces)

15'x15' (25 pieces)

18' x 18' (36 pieces)

18' x 21' (42 pieces)

12'x12' (9 pieces)

16' x 16' (16 pieces)

16' x 20' (20 pieces)

16' x 24' (24 pieces)

Please contact us for dance floors accommodating more than 350 guests