Clearspan Structures

The premium option for structural strength, with a weather-tight membrane allowing for optional climate control, Clearspan structure tents are the ideal choice for long-term or off-season installation.

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Tent Description

Clearspan structure tents - referring to the "clear span" of the interior footprint - have no inner mast poles, instead featuring a skeleton frame with channels for the sidewall and tent tops to slide tightly into place. These are the strongest, most durable tents on the market, able to withstand extremely high wind speeds, and an ideal choice for long-term or off-season installation. Because of their weather-tight membrane, Clearspan structure tents also offer the option for climate control - both air-conditioning in the warmer months, and heating in the cold. Our Clearspan structure tents feature a dome top, gently curving at the highest point of the peak, and their pole-free interior allows for maximum flexibility of layout and design. This is the only tent in our inventory that offers both a standard white vinyl top, or the option to upgrade to our clear vinyl top, for a truly magical "night under the stars" experience!

Key Features

  • Width of 12 meters or approximately 40'
  • Expandable in 5 meter / 16 foot length increments
  • Sidewall is available in solid white or full window
  • Perimeter walls are 3 meters or approximately 10' high
  • Optional glass French doors available for entrance/exit points (glass doors are required for climate control)
  • Peak height is approximately 17.5' high at the top of the domed peak
  • Tent top available in standard white vinyl or clear vinyl 
  • Suitable for both hard and soft surfaces
  • Although this style is “free-standing” by design, it must be anchored by stakes or ballasted by cement blocks to resist wind forces

Available Sizes

12 m  x 5 m (40' x 16')
12 m x 10 m (40' x 33')
12 m x 15 m (40' x 49')
12 m x 20 m (40' x 66')
12 m x 25 m (40' x 82')
12 m x 30 m (40' x 98')
12 m x 35 m (40' x 115')
12 m x 40 m (40' x 131')
12 m x 45 m (40' x 147')

CAD Renderings and Sample Layouts

Our industry-leading CAD software enables us to provide our customers with to-scale diagrams of the tent interior and exterior. An indispensable tool in the planning process, these renderings help to determine the optimal tent size needed, identify bottlenecks or layout concerns before they're an issue, and provide a precise blueprint for the customer or our Field Crew on the day of the event — all of which facilitates a faster and more stress-free setup experience.

Tent Rental Process

At Ideal, tents are our specialty! However, we also understand that the idea of renting a tent large enough to accommodate several hundred of your closest family, friends, or colleagues is likely a foreign (and potentially overwhelming!) process for many of our customers. With that in mind, we’ve worked to develop a simple and streamlined process for our tent rentals.

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