Twin Peak Tension

A stunner inside and out, our Twin Peak Pole Tents are a masterpiece in tension-tent manufacturing.

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Tent Description

Featuring dramatic sculpted twin peaks and engineered to meet 90 mph wind-loads, this tent will withstand the elements and look great doing it. Quality welded seams and vinyl-covered webbing reinforce the graceful contours of the light-blocking (and temperature-reducing) vinyl fabric, creating a smooth, tight surface that helps redirect the wind over and around the tent - not into it. It’s not often you get elegance and durability in the same package, but with our Twin Peak Tension Tents, you can!

Key Features

  • Expandable in 20’ length increments
  • Sidewall is available in solid white or cathedral window
  • Perimeter walls are 8’ high
  • Mast Pole peak height is 25’
  • Suitable for placement on both hard and soft surfaces
  • Must be secured by stakes or ballasted by cement blocks

Available Sizes

60’ x 40’
60’ x 60’
60’ x 80’
60’ x 100’
60’ x 120’

CAD Renderings and Sample Layouts

Our industry-leading CAD software enables us to provide our customers with to-scale diagrams of the tent interior and exterior. An indispensable tool in the planning process, these renderings help to determine the optimal tent size needed, identify bottlenecks or layout concerns before they're an issue, and provide a precise blueprint for the customer or our Field Crew on the day of the event — all of which facilitates a faster and more stress-free setup experience.

Tent Rental Process

At Ideal, tents are our specialty! However, we also understand that the idea of renting a tent large enough to accommodate several hundred of your closest family, friends, or colleagues is likely a foreign (and potentially overwhelming!) process for many of our customers. With that in mind, we’ve worked to develop a simple and streamlined process for our tent rentals.

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