Tent Washing

By season’s end, your tents have been through a lot. Treat them with the care and attention they deserve, with Ideal’s Tent Washing Service.

Tent Washing Request

The same gentle-but-effective service each of our own tents are treated to, now available to you.

Our professional-grade Teeco Solutions 2200 tent washing machine is designed to gently and thoroughly cleanse dirt, mold, and grime from tent panels - restoring vinyl and webbing to a brighter, whiter finish. Panels are then hung from our custom truss system in our temperature-controlled warehouse, allowing them to fully dry before folding for bagging and storage. 


Early Bird 

(book by Nov. 30 for slots after Dec. 1)
$.39/square foot


(December - February)
$.45/square foot


(March - November)
$.55/square foot


*Pre-approval Required
By the Hour

All Prices Include Washing & Drying
Please inquire for separate Sailcloth Tent Washing pricing

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